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Richard M. Rothman

Founder & CEO

For over thirty years, Richard M. Rothman has identified and expanded business opportunities for over 2,000 companies around the world, in 67 sectors.

Richard is the Founder and CEO of Open Mind Opportunity Consultancy, the world’s first and only opportunity consultancy. He has created the first practical, systematic process to see, evaluate and choose business opportunities.

Richard’s first book, Master Opportunities and Make it Big, won wide acclaim. His latest book, The Power of Opportunity, was recently published by PenguinRandomHouse.

Prior to starting his consultancy, Richard served as U.S. Commercial Attaché in India, Italy and Indonesia. He taught marketing and strategy at the graduate level for the Graham School of Management (Milan), and the Indonesian Institute of Management (Jakarta), and served as a facilitator for Harvard Business School’s corporate training unit.

Peter Winick

Chief Operating Officer

Peter Winick makes everything at OppGuru work. He is a maestro of results driven by practical strategy and focused execution. He expertly leverages over twenty years’ experience with such clients as Google, Proctor and Gamble, Accenture and more. Peter works tirelessly to understand our clients’ precise needs, then creates a blended solution that fits like a glove.

Having built and managed several consulting and professional development organizations, Peter uses his seasoned perspective to deliver perfectly selected solutions in a perfectly selected format, to our clients every time.

Peter uses a combination of art, science, logic, focus, passion and creativity to turn OppGuru into a focused platform, designed to reach business leaders and executives, serving them the tools they need for today’s complex markets.

Bill Sherman

VP, Product Development

Bill Sherman leads OppGuru’s consulting, training and organizational change practice areas. He helps organizations understand their current practices, then produces lasting impact through strategically-targeted interventions.

Bill has guided many of the world’s most recognizable brands through complex organizational change, including strategic reengineering of people and processes, organizational culture and performance management and system realignment. His expertise in evaluation, model development, product design and impact metrics is unmatched in the field.

Under his leadership, OppGuru’s team of designers, developers, organizational consultants, and operations specialists shepherd ideas from the abstract world of problems into scalable business solutions that produce measurable results and lasting impact.

Lonnie Harmon

Operations Director

Lonnie Harmon, OppGuru’s Operations Director, has a depth and breadth of experience in training and organizational change. 

Following a notable career at a Fortune 100 company, he oversaw the growth of a niche ERP training company and has created training for clients as diverse as DHL, Merck, Wells Fargo, and Harley-Davidson. At OppGuru, Lonnie leads all aspect of project management, ensuring that we stay on time and within budget. Regardless of industry, culture, or challenge, Lonnie provides enormous value both tactically and strategically.

Strategic & Distribution Partnership Opportunities

If you’re a company, organization or association that distributes content, reach out to us for partnership opportunities.

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OppGuru truly helped us to uncover, recover and discover different parts of our business. I'm sure other companies in different businesses are going to benefit by consulting with OppGuru.
Retail industry
OppGuru helped us to go back to our roots and focus on our key strengths. I wholeheartedly recommend OppGuru to any other business. If you have aspirations you'd like to achieve – then Richard is the man to go to.
Consumer Durables industry
The kind of analysis OppGuru provided for us was amazing. It has transformed our company.
I strongly recommend OppGuru to any entrepreneur or any company which wants to rediscover itself and be ready for the next century.
Hotel industry
OppGuru helped us to go back to our roots and focus on our key strengths. I wholeheartedly recommend OppGuru to any other business. If you have aspirations you'd like to achieve – then Richard is the man to go to.
Creative Agency
Persistence, clarity and focus are the biggest things Indian businesses lack, and this is where Richard filled the gap and helped us to create success.
Logistics industry
I truly appreciate the OppGuru concept. I believe that in the current scenario it is a must for all companies.
Venture Capital industry
As a result of using the OppGuru Process, I was able to identify an entirely new business I expect to devote the next 10 years to.
Entertainment industry