4 mistakes that lead you to disqualify good sales prospects

Very often good salespeople disqualify perfectly good sales prospects because they make 4 common mistakes. Let’s talk about those mistakes and how we can avoid them.

First, it’s always a mistake to define the service the prospect needs based only on the standard features and benefits offered by your product or service. Also, don’t define your own service capabilities purely on what you’ve done for others. Dig deeper. Every customer is different. If you treat him like everyone else, you won’t get very far. Behave like a trusted advisor, not a salesperson.

Second, it’s a mistake to define to prospect’s needs too hastily. Never take their pain at face value without carefully looking for causes as well as consequences. Always look for the source of the pain, so you can provide a cure, not just pain reliever. How do you do that? Besides speaking with the prospect, make sure that you speak with others (including the prospect’s own customers) for their views. You need to carefully identify and audit back the key sources of friction. Behave like a doctor, not a salesperson.

Third, it’s a mistake to define your own – or your company’s – needs purely in terms of money. Very often there’s much more value in a longstanding relationship in which you and your customer can grow together. Always look for opportunities to create other sources of value that you can work on together. Behave like a partner in growth, not a salesperson.

Finally, it’s a mistake to try to take advantage of your customer’s weaknesses in the short term to extract more value for yourself. Long term relationships with customers can be very valuable, but they can only be sustained if you always offer a fair value exchange. Ideally, you would always strive to create value arbitrages, in which both sides feel that they’re getting the better deal.