Many people think that opportunities are mostly about luck. They believe that great opportunities just fall into your lap. 
Do you believe that opportunity is all about luck? If so, imagine the following scenario. You have inherited a crore of rupees. You take the money to a wealth manager and ask him to invest it for you in the share market. Being careful, you ask him: “what is the method you use to choose investment opportunities?”
The wealth manager smiles and leads you to a room in the back of the office, where a monkey is enthusiastically throwing darts at the wall, which is covered with the names of companies. 
“You know, the fact is that investment opportunities are really all about luck,” he says confidently. “We just buy whatever the monkey chooses.”
Now tell me: would you invest your money with that wealth manager? Do you agree with his process? 
Hint: 100% of the people who I've asked that question have answered "NO!"
Other people believe that you need to be a business genius to choose the best opportunities. Do you need to have the brains and business ability of Dhirubhai Ambani, Steve Jobs, or Bill Gates in order to capture the best opportunities?
Once again, 100% of the people I've asked that question have answered “Absolutely not!”
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