Are you singing the same tired old sales song?

Are you singing the same tired old sales pitch as everyone else? Or are you singing your own unique song?

In sales, do you go into an organization and make the same pitch as your competitors? In other words, are you selling commodities – standard products and services?

Or are you identifying and selling unique opportunities for your customers, on both an organizational and personal level, as well as for you and your company? Opportunities that can take your customers to a much higher level of efficiency and effectiveness?

You can fall into the habit of singing the same old song because it seems safe. Because you’ve always done things that way, and it usually sort of works out. On the other hand, if you try singing your own song, you might be considered an oddball, and you certainly might fail.

Yet to be a truly great salesperson, you must sing a unique song for every major client. You need to create beautiful music that will penetrate their heart and make them reach for their wallets.

If you sing the same old generic sales pitch, what you’re really offering customers is a McDonald’s hamburger. When you do that, you’re giving everyone the standard solution.

That only works if you sell a product which is valuable only because it’s a quarter of a penny cheaper. In other words, a commodity. But in high value sales, very few buyers are interested in yet another standard hamburger.

The biggest and best customers aren’t hungry for yet another standard hamburger. They’re hungry for value-added solutions that help them to stay ahead of their own competitors.

They need solutions to their most persistent and expensive problems. If you can look beyond the obvious and supply those, you’re guaranteed to be a great success.