Change your default setting!

Most salespeople’s default setting is that every prospect is an opportunity. Would it be useful to change your default setting, and assume everything’s a nopportunity, and force yourself to prove otherwise?

Why are most salespeople afraid to disqualify early? It doesn’t make sense. Most revenue comes from a very small number of customers. To increase your sales efficiency, it makes sense to get good at disqualifying prospects, as quickly as possible.

Unqualified prospects are clear nopportunities. In fact, most prospects are nopportunities. If you have a quota to call 50 people a day, how many will be converted into sales? A small percentage. Therefore, why waste so much time on the ones that will never convert? If you could identify them as soon as possible, it would free up more time for you to focus on the prospects that are truly great opportunities.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Are you continuously wasting time bailing out the lifeboat? What are you doing over and over again that is getting you nowhere?  

Many salespeople confuse effort with results. You may have a quota to call 50 people a day and may fill the quota but still get few sales. The objective is not to call 50 people per day; but many people confuse the effort with the objective.

If you can call only 3 people per day and make even more sales, then obviously you’re doing a better job. The smarter question is: which of the people I can call represent an opportunity for me? Which are nopportunities? Since the vast majority of prospects are nopportunities, it’s crucial to be able to identify them early, and weed them out. You can do that, by using the Oppguru process.