Don’t fear change, adapt to it

Change is the mother of all opportunities. If nothing changed, there would be no opportunities.

If everyone in the world was permanently and completely satisfied eating the same standard hamburger, what opportunity would you have to create a new variation?

But the world, fortunately, is not static. We’re fortunate to live in a world of constant change, which creates abundant opportunities. Many people fear change or are annoyed by change.

Why? Because they like the dominant patterns that they follow, and they don’t want to be bothered to learn new ones. They’re quite happy with the standard McDonald’s hamburger, and don’t want to try a new variation.

But some people aren’t so delighted with the same old hamburger. They may appreciate its virtues, such as accessibility and low price, but these virtues are gradually delivering less value to them.

Maybe they’re tiring of the standard taste or perhaps, they would like something healthier, or fresher, or cooked more to their taste. This change in preferences creates opportunities to create and sell different types of hamburgers to people who are dissatisfied with some feature of the standard option.

These new hamburgers are not completely different. They are adaptations to changing tastes and preferences in the environment. For example, they may have less calories to adapt to an environment full of overweight people who need to shed pounds.

Change is going to happen; you can’t stop it. Therefore, there is no benefit in fearing it. The weather changes every day. Do you fear it? Change can be a good thing if you harvest the opportunities that it creates.

There’s no reason to be overwhelmed or hurt by change. In fact, human beings are the only creatures on earth that can consciously benefit from change.

Why? Because we can see what’s going on and make changes to our own environment, to the benefit to ourselves and others. That is a tremendous source of value, which many people actively avoid. Why? Because of fear.

Fearing change is understandable, but frankly stupid.

Instead, we should use change for our advantage, to create valuable adaptations to change for ourselves and others.

Change constantly creates new opportunities, and these new opportunities are absolutely free and freely available to everyone, including you!