How can a small opportunity attract big resources?

Most organizations fail to grow because the opportunities that they pursue are way too small. Small opportunities fail to attract the best team or adequate resources. In fact, they usually waste resources. Big opportunities, on the other hand, are like powerful magnets that attract all the resources they need to scale.

Of course, even opportunities that have huge potential have to start out small. How can your small opportunity attract the big resources it needs to grow big?  By making it look like a big opportunity to buyers and investors. It’s not so crucial that the opportunity look big to you as the seller. However, you must structure the opportunity so that it looks big to your buyer.   

Most entrepreneurs and salespeople are defeated by their own selfishness – our all too human tendency to focus on our own needs. The fact is: nobody will give you resources because you need them.

Regardless of how small you are, if you can make the opportunity that you’re offering to someone look big to investors and customers, then they’ll stop caring about how small you are. That’s because you’ll start to look bigger than you currently are.

Why will you look bigger? Because in the buyer’s eyes, you’ll begin to represent increased value; value that they don’t currently have but badly need. Value that you can deliver to them. Associate yourself with a big opportunity for the investor or buyer, and your own value will massively increase.

How can you make a small opportunity look big to buyers and investors? By increasing its perceived value to them. Most of us are selfishly focused on our own bottom line. If, on the other hand, you can go into another organization and show them how you can create value for them, by increasing their effectiveness and efficiency, then you’re creating a big opportunity for them, as well as for yourself.