How to search for opportunities

To search for opportunities, you must first define and carefully examine your environment. That’s because opportunities are created by change in your environment.

So, you first need to define your opportunity environment and understand its boundaries. That is not difficult, because your opportunity is all around you.

Your opportunity environment is made up of four broad segments. Your Mission is what you want, the Model is how you go about getting it, your Market is who you trade value with, and your Domain is everything else in the broader environment that influences your opportunities.

After you define your environment, you need to audit it to look for opportunities and nopportunities. An audit is a thorough picture of your environment.

When you audit your opportunity environment, what are you looking for? First you look for friction, things that are not going well. Nooks and crannies where value is being lost.

You also look for all the places that you can add value. These are all potential opportunities and nopportunities.

You next create a list of these opportunities and nopportunities, called an Opportunity Inventory.

This may be quite long, so your next objective is to filter them down to the ones that can deliver the most value. You do this by evaluating the inventory based on the nine key drivers of value.

Opportunity is a value discovery process. You’re trying to discover where value is being destroyed in your environment, and where value can be best created in your environment.

By auditing your opportunity environment on a periodic basis, you can ensure that you’re not leaving opportunities behind. Your first audit can set a baseline. Future audits can identify variances, as well as completely new opportunities created by change.

The opportunity search process can be customized to any need. It’s not just for business opportunities. It could help you identify marriage opportunities, giving opportunities, health opportunities, or any other kind of opportunities that are important to your happiness and success.