Is a blindfolded monkey choosing your opportunities?

Imagine this scenario for a moment: a rich uncle has just left you 10 million dollars. Suddenly you are rich!

Now you have a new problem: you have to invest your money and you have no idea how to do it. You do some research and find out that for the best returns, you should invest in the stock market. A friend introduces you to a wealth manager who can help you.

You ask the wealth manager: how do you choose shares to buy? What is your process?

He says: “I used to employ a dozen analysts to choose stocks. It was very expensive. After a while I realized that they were a waste of my money. Why? Because success in the share market all comes down to luck. So I fired them all and hired Pickles.”

You ask: “Pickles, you mean kosher dills?”

“Of course not. Pickles the monkey.” He looks at his watch. “Luckily, you can watch him in action now.”

He presses a button, and a screen comes up. Behind a glass wall, an assistant is carefully tying a blindfold on a monkey, while others are hanging a list of stocks on the wall. When they’re done, they hand a dart to Pickles and he throws it expertly at the wall. The assistant checks where it landed.

“What’s the verdict?” asks the wealth manager.

“Buy United Fruit,” the assistant replied.

Now here’s a question for you: would you let a blindfolded monkey choose YOUR investment opportunities?

I’ve asked that question to hundreds of people and all of them have answered NO. They don’t want to leave these important decisions to luck or fate.

Now let me ask you another important question: “Do you currently use a systematic process to see, evaluate and choose your business or career opportunities?”

I’ve asked this question to hundreds of people and all of them have answered no. While they all agreed that the opportunities that they choose are absolutely crucial to their success, not a single one uses a systematic process to choose opportunities.

In other words, they leave it up to luck.

So ask yourself: Are you currently using a blindfolded monkey to choose your most important opportunities? If you’re choosing them without a process, that’s exactly what you’re doing.

What’s the solution? In order to harness the power of opportunity properly, you need to use a proven systematic process.