IT Education

Sector: IT Education

Client: Global franchisor of IT education with franchisees worldwide.

CEO’s Dream: To become the number one career education company in the emerging markets space, with a future of sustainable, profitable, growth.

Opportunities Recommended by OppGuru:

Focus Positioning but Broaden the Target: though best known as an IT education company, the client has ventured unsuccessfully into unrelated segments, such as training air crew. OppGuru recommended that the client focus on technology but broaden its positioning to include technical vocational education. The client’s current target consumers are 18-to-22-year olds. By expanding its potential target consumers as people of all ages, the client could uncover new opportunities for sustained, profitable, growth.

Expand Beyond Emerging Markets: thought the client generated 40% of revenue abroad, it operated only in emerging markets, believing that developed countries have no additional requirement for career education. OppGuru recommended that the client could discover huge opportunities for sustained, profitable, growth by entering developed markets – as many of these have high unemployment, enormous buying power, and weak vocational education.

Anytime Delivery:  the classroom is becoming a dinosaur. OppGuru recommended that the client could enhance its reputation, expand its client base, and recover enormous opportunities for sustained, profitable, growth by dramatically speeding up its efforts to provide anytime digital delivery of its education.

Actions Taken: The client accepted and implemented the OppGuru recommendations.

The OppGuru Advantage

 Industry: the IT education industry was projected to grow at a CAGR of 16 to 18% over the next five years. 

Client: the client is on track to grow at over 25% CAGR for the same period following the execution of OppGuru recommendations.