Oppguru’s 3 steps to identify a great sales opportunity

There are only three simple steps you need to take in order to identify a great sales opportunity. This involves asking yourself, and your customers, a few simple questions:

First, what severe friction is your customer suffering from? Put yourself into the shoes of your prospect or customer. Look for jobs they’re failing to get done as well as they’d like.

Your customer’s friction could be a failure of efficiency, in which they’re losing money because their operations aren’t working effectively, or because their customers are unhappy. Or it could be friction caused by selling the wrong products or services to the wrong people.

Second, measure the pain caused by your customer’s friction. How severe is it? Is it causing a great deal of loss to your customers? Is it seriously impeding growth and destroying value for your customer? If the friction is severe, could removing it massively increase value for your customer?

Third, determine how you can help to remove your customer’s friction. Ask yourself: which friction do you have the capabilities to remove? How can removing the friction massively increase value for both you and your customer?

Remember this: your customer’s pain can be your gain. But you’ll only find a great sales opportunity if you focus on the pain first. Your gain will only come after you create immense value for your customer by removing that pain.