Why can people with nothing leverage opportunities? Because opportunities are free. They're available to anyone and everyone – at no cost! 


Even the poorest person can afford to capture opportunities! Surely, you'd say, that can't be possible. But it surely is. Just a few examples: 


•    How much did Sachin and Binny Bansal pay for the opportunity to start Flipkart? Not a single paise.
•    How much did Subhash Chandra pay for the opportunity to start India’s first satellite television channel? Absolutely nothing.
•    How much did Kishore Biyani pay for the opportunity to start Big Bazaar? Not even a penny.


Throughout history, people with absolutely nothing have created immense wealth, simply by capturing the right opportunities.


In fact, people without resources are more likely to take advantage of opportunities, simply because they have nothing else. Opportunities become their only leverage.


If you choose opportunities wisely, you can attract enormous resources. If you choose opportunities poorly, you can be left with nothing.

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