Some rules are for fools

The more people your opportunity can help, the bigger it can be. For example, the opportunity to remove the friction caused by global warming is a universal opportunity that serves all of humanity. On the other hand, the opportunity for me to wear a creative form of headgear may serve only me.

Let’s say I’m completely open minded in my search for opportunities. I think: my head is totally naked just like my bottom, so why not wear underwear on my head? I might think that wearing underwear on my head is a fantastic opportunity, and I may believe that it’s something everyone should do. Based on that, I could design a full range of head underwear. It could have little holes in it for my eyes and ears, and I could spend all my money to produce millions of pairs of it.

Unfortunately, if I go to the office with my underwear on my head, I might not have a very successful career. Based on the higher-level rules of today’s world, people simply don’t go around wearing underwear on their heads anywhere. If I want to do it myself, that’s fine, but I’ll have to face the consequences. Why? Well obviously, most people will think that I’m a fool.

I might say to myself: “I don’t care. I make my own rules.” That’s fine if you want to be a hermit and live alone on a desert island, but in business you can’t follow rules for fools and expect to be successful. However, opportunities are created by change in your environment, and sometimes rules for fools can suddenly become accepted.

For example, in the year 2019, if I suggested that everyone should wear a mask, and if I had invested all my money in making designer masks, it would have seemed very foolish. Then along came Covid.