Stop playing the victim!

Do you feel that you are a victim of your circumstances, because of things you can’t control going on around you?

The truth is, you are only a victim if you choose to be. You need never be a victim of your circumstances. You can not only find and seize opportunities in your environment; you can also change your environment.

But you can’t do this if you retain the attitude of the victim, who either passively waits or begs and prays to “be saved” by a higher power.

The victim is either a beggar or a supplicant. A victim feels powerless and must pray or beg for help to improve the situation.

There’s a higher power, either human or divine, that will bless him with opportunities if he prays, begs, or pays tribute in some way to it. This higher power could be a boss or a God.

Or the victim has the attitude that “opportunity will knock, and I have to wait around to answer the door.” It’s like the lovestruck woman waiting by the phone waiting for the guy to call.

It’s a very passive attitude that is unlikely to lead to success. What if opportunity never knocks? What if it’s the wrong opportunity for you?

Rather than harvesting opportunities to change their circumstances for the better, victims make excuses. You hear them saying that they are too poor, too stupid, too small, too uneducated, too friendless, too powerless to benefit from opportunities.

This is clearly not true, since there are plenty of people who were nobodies who started with nothing who dramatically improved their circumstances by taking advantage of opportunities.

To take advantage of the abundant opportunities around you, you must stop playing the victim. Opportunities are available to anyone because they’re free and freely available.

But to benefit from opportunities, you must proactively seek, choose and implement them. You’re unlikely to take those steps if you prefer to play the victim.