The power of proactivity

Most people believe that opportunity is something that mysteriously shows up, and when it knocks you should answer the door. But that is, frankly, a ridiculous belief to have.

You shouldn’t be passive about opportunity and wait for it to come to you, because it either may never come, or you may not hear it or recognize it when it knocks. Or it may not be suitable for you. Just because it has knocked, doesn’t mean it’s an opportunity for you.

Would you marry the first woman who knocks on your door? She may be perfect for you, but that’s highly unlikely. Even if you instantly fall in love with her, she’s unlikely to feel the same about you.

Most people believe that opportunity is something random that will happen to them by luck or magic. As if opportunity were a mystical force that just happens to people by chance.

Waiting for opportunity to knock is a passive process in which God favors you and offers you an opportunity. Like the lonely woman waiting by the phone, hoping love will come her way. Or it’s the image of the guy with a light bulb suddenly flashing over his head. Eureka! Opportunity is thought of as a force of nature, not as a deliberate process.

Opportunities are the seeds from which all success grows. But if you start with a nopportunity instead of an opportunity, then you’re obviously going to waste a whole lot of time and resources going down the wrong road.

Obviously, you need to be proactive and go out and look for opportunities. Ideally, the search for opportunities should be a completely deliberate process. Most people fail to do this simply because they don’t know how.

By using Oppguru tools, training and process, you can stop waiting for opportunities to come to you. You can stop relying on luck, and proactively see, evaluate and choose the opportunities that can make your own dreams come true.