This is a fact as true as any in the universe: You don't require money to become wealthy and successful. That's right – you don't require a single rupee to make your fortune.


Most people believe that only money makes money. But this is simply not true.  Even if you inherit great wealth, if you invest it in bad opportunities, you could surely lose every paise.  


You don't need money to create success. But you do require the right opportunity


Why? Because every business success starts with an opportunity. Opportunities are the seeds from which all riches grow. 


If only money made money, then only the rich would become richer. But that’s obviously not true. Absolutely everyone can become rich. Including you.


How? By leveraging breakthrough opportunities


Do you have nothing? Don't worry. Opportunities are all that you need. The starting point is always the opportunity. 


In fact, the greatest opportunities are usually leveraged by people who have nothing. 

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