What’s the benefit of using a process?

Let’s say you had a headache that just wouldn’t go away. You took aspirin and other pain relievers, but nothing seemed to work.

Finally, you go to a doctor. As soon as you sit down in his office, without any examination he writes a prescription for you and says, “go buy these pills. My fee will be $100 dollars.”

How would you react? Wouldn’t you ask: “How are you so sure about this diagnosis? Don’t you need to examine me? Don’t you need blood tests? How about an MRI?”

In other words, you would want your doctor to go through a systematic process of examination before reaching a diagnosis, wouldn’t you?

If you needed an operation, would you choose a surgeon who doesn’t follow a proven process, who just makes it up as he goes along? Of course not.

Would you run a factory without systematic processes? Never.

Would you choose a wealth manager who uses a blindfolded monkey to pick stocks for you? Nobody would.

The fact is, most people agree that systematic processes are the foundation of the modern world. Yet amazingly enough, almost everyone chooses opportunities – which are the most valuable resource in the world – without a process.

People choose their career opportunities without a conscious process and suffer years of frustration. They choose their business opportunities without a process, and waste millions of dollars on concepts that don’t work.

Based on my experience, over 99% of all companies find, evaluate and choose opportunities without using a systematic process. In other words, they leave opportunities to chance.

The penalty for choosing opportunities blindly can be severe. You can suffer years of stagnation, if not outright failure. You waste time and resources on failed initiatives. You struggle for years without understanding why.

Opportunity is simply too important to be left to chance. That’s why I started Open Mind, the world’s first and only opportunity consultancy. My Open Mind Process uncovers, recovers and discovers opportunities for sustained, profitable growth.

This process was developed over a 32-year period. It’s built on the experiences of thousands of successful entrepreneurs and professionals, most of whom started with nothing but an opportunity.

By using a systematic opportunity process you can benefit from the learnings – and the mistakes – of thousands of successful people who have come before you.

Your own journey to success will be faster, more confident, and contain fewer missteps and false starts.

Whether you use an opportunity process for your business or for your career, it will provide you with a clear roadmap to achieve the kind of success you’ve always dreamed of.