What’s the best way of choosing a startup opportunity?

During my consulting work over the past 3 decades, I’ve met with the founders of several hundred startups. Many of these founders are very smart kids who are graduates of leading universities. Many of the founders are professionals with decades of domain experience.

They’re all good people. They’re all hard working, enthusiastic, and dedicated to their new business. Yet very few of them will succeed and make it big. Probably no more than 1%.

Why do so many good people fail to succeed?

It’s simple – because they pursue bad opportunities. I call these Nopportunities, which means they’re Not Opportunities.

The fact is, no matter how brilliant, well-funded, enthusiastic, and hardworking you are, if you pursue a Nopportunity, you will fail.

Opportunities are the seeds from which all success grows. If you choose the right seeds, your opportunity can grow into a giant tree.

But if your seed is capable of growing only weeds, you will fail. Regardless of how hard you work.

Why do people choose bad opportunities? Because they go about it blindly.

How can you choose better opportunities for your startup, opportunities that are far more likely to succeed, and to attract resources? By using a proven, systematic process.