What’s your mission of service?

The search for opportunities must be deliberate. You shouldn’t passively wait or pray for opportunities to find you. When it comes to opportunities, hope is not a viable strategy. If you wait for fate or inspiration to shine opportunities on you, you’ll probably end up shining shoes for a living.

You have the power to find the right opportunities, to evaluate them properly, and to choose them consciously – by using a process. By using a process, you’re far more likely to see and choose opportunities correctly and avoid choosing nopportunities.

Most people end up pursuing nopportunities in their businesses and in their lives, because rather than being proactive they end up taking what’s offered to them. It’s like marrying the first girl or guy willing to sleep with you.

How do I chase an opportunity, if for my whole life I’ve been waiting for them to fall from the sky? First, you must decide what you want – besides money. If you only have a mission of money, you won’t be able to identify opportunities as easily, because making money is purely a consequence, not a cause. It’s a result, it’s not a proper goal.

Business and career opportunities always involve providing service. The only way to earn a big pile of money and success is by providing useful service to others. There is no other way. Everyone wants money, but nobody will pay you because you’re needy or greedy. An opportunity always involves a mission of service. You provide useful service to others and they pay you.

A mission of service ideally removes friction and replaces it with value. The more friction you can remove, and the more value you can replace it with, the richer you can become. What friction would you like to remove from other peoples’ lives? What friction do you have the capability to remove? Before you start your hunt for opportunities, think hard over these important questions.