The opportunities you choose to pursue have an enormous influence over the success of your career or your business, or any other important aspect of your life.


In fact, opportunity decisions are among the most important you will ever make in your life. That's because by choosing your opportunities, you choose your fate.


Right now, take a moment to ask yourself: "What career or business opportunities should I pursue in the future?"


For most people, this can be a difficult and confusing question to answer. Yet the economic consequences of your opportunity decisions are extremely profound.


If you're like many people, you may feel that you could have made better opportunity choices in the past. You may have some regrets, and doubt your ability to choose opportunities wisely in the future.


That's not necessarily your fault. It's very likely that nobody ever taught you how to choose opportunities correctly. No school, college or university in the world offers a course on this subject. Until now, there haven't even been any consultants who could guide you.


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