Take a moment to consider a few famous Indian entrepreneurs:


·      Sunil Mittal – founder of Airtel

·      Dilip Sanghvi – founder of Sun Pharma

·      Subhash Chandra – founder of Essel (Zee) Group

·      Uday Kotak – founder of Kotak Mahindra Bank


What do these people have in common? One thing stands out: they all started out with almost no assets — very little money, no team, and few connections.


Mittal became an entrepreneur at age 18 with Rs. 20,000 of borrowed money. Sanghvi launched Sun Pharma with capital of only Rs. 10,000. Chandra shifted to Delhi to start business with only Rs. l7 in his pocket. Kotak started with no capital, only a small office lent by his father.


They started with almost nothing – yet these men are now dollar multi-billionaires, with a collective net worth of over 2.15 Lakh crores.


One factor above all others led to success for these men, and for others like them: they all chose to pursue breakthrough opportunities, and use them as their leverage.


Many other entrepreneurs who've gone from rags to riches have done the same thing. The good news is that anyone can do it. Even YOU.

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