Sector: Wine

Client: India’s second largest wine company, a recent merger of two market leaders, with 15% market share, but no profits.

CEO’s Dream: To double market share within one year, and grow value ten times in five years through sustained, profitable growth.

Opportunities Recommended by OpenMind:

Become the World’s Leader: The client may have been a distant number two in India, but internationally it was more competitive. In fact, it was the best-selling Indian wine in France. OppGuru recommended that the client focus significant resources on building a position as the world’s best-selling brand of Indian wine. By capturing this elite positioning, the client can greatly increase export sales, enhance its domestic image, and uncover an opportunity for sustained, profitable, growth.

Be Single Minded: While the client has a large array of wine brands with modest market share, its major competitor had built a huge market share for a single brand. OppGuru recommended that the client be similarly focused and single minded, and unite its quality portfolio under its single strongest brand name. By concentrating its limiting resources to build one strong brand, the client can discover a tremendous opportunity for sustained, profitable, growth.

Capture “Best” Positioning: the client’s wine was of such high quality that the French prefer it. In contrast, its main domestic competitor had only average quality. OppGuru recommended that the client monetize this quality advantage, by positioning itself only against imported wines, with pricing higher than its Indian competitors. By building its reputation as the “best Indian wine,” the client will recover an opportunity for sustained, profitable, growth.

Actions Taken:  The client accepted and implemented the OppGuru recommendations.

The OppGuru Advantage

Industry: the wine industry was projected to grow at a CAGR of 25 to 30% over the next five years. 

Client: the client is on track to grow at over 50% CAGR for the same period following the execution of OppGuru recommendations.